Lucky Staar Jewelry, Original Handmade Jewelry

I started Lucky Staar Jewelry 2007, but my journey to becoming a jewelry designer and artist started long before that! Way back in 2002, I was working hard doing something I did not enjoy...I was successful, but miserable! One day I woke up and thought "Why am I not doing something I love"? So I thought about what I, nature and being creative... first I envisioned just selling supplies so I could enjoy searching for the beautiful treasures of the earth...but my creativity took over and I couldn't stop making jewelry! Over the years I have tried to change what I do to fit in or to follow trends, but I have learned that as an artist, you just have to be yourself, do what you do and do it the best you can. So I just do what I it or leave it!

At this point I create the jewlery here on Lucky Staar ETSY myself. I have tried having a couple items cast for me, but I found that I prefer the individually hand-forged pieces. I have two assistants that occasionally help me with final assembly and shipping, however, I still do all soldering, forging and hammering myself. I have a studio in my home where I create the jewelry as it is ordered.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my shop!

Susan Elisabeth

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